How hard can it be to find a royalty free song without any help?

Turns out – really frickin’ hard. But I finally did it. And I had to pay for it but I trust that it was worth every single penny. The song I’ve been looking for is called Spread your wings by Stereobird and I heard it for the first time (or maybe the second) in this video below made by Odigo Travel:

Me and the BF are interested a lot in Japanese Culture so we started to watch the videos of this channel since we follow many of those who are going on these trips around Japan while vlogging about it. Rachel & Jun, Kim Dao, Abroad in Japan to name a few. My favorite channel however, is probably Sharla in Japan. Oh, well. Back to the song part.

At 2:23 in the video the songs begins playing and I was hooked from the start. There’s something special about songs who are uplifting, inspirational etc. Just like the song in the video. The day after I watched the video I left a comment, asking about the song. I called it the “hey, hey” song because that’s all you hear. A guy singing “Hey, hey”. In the description of the video nothing of this song was mentioned. Only the site and a song by a group called Kontinuum. Yes, with a K. I went to the first site and listened through all the songs and I did not find it. I googled for it. Nothing. Not even a clue. About 3 weeks later I left another comment on their YouTube channel, since I did not get a response (and neither did anybody else who left a comment on that video) saying I still wanted to find that song. Still not a peep. I continued to search for it and I browsed through a couple of the biggest Royalty Free websites out there. I tried Epidemic Sound, Jamendo, Bensound (again) and a couple of others I don’t remember the name of. I also left comments on the Odigo Japan Facebook Page without a response so far and today I sent an e-mail. Yes. I’m quite the stalker when I want to be… I also emailed the guy at bensound and he responded fairly quickly and said it did not belong to him and he added that the credits were also wrong on their video.

Finally, today I continued to google more sites with a huge database of songs and I found Audiojungle. On that site I could search really easily and after I’ve listened through a couple of songs I saw that I could search by length. I’ve calculated how long the song is and I found out it’s just over 4 minutes long. When I narrowed it down to 4 minutes, the list was a lot shorter and only after a few songs I found one that sounded really, frickin’ familiar to what I was looking for. I kept on listening and yes. Finally. I found the song. The funny thing is that the name for the song “Spread Your Wings” is actually a name that is really suitable for this song. It kinda feels like it’s what the song is about. To spread your wings and fly.

Stereobird’s logo. It’s a link to the original image I found online. Not stolen.

I bought the song for $19 + taxes and handling fees and now I’ll start using it as often as I can as a theme song or something for my upcoming YouTube videos. The song is like fate, or my destiny somehow. I get so inspired when I hear it and the feeling I have regarding the future of my life and my YouTube/Blog/vlog career is just this. It’s sort of amazing, really. Listen to the song and hopefully you’ll get an idea of where I hope I’m heading with everything.

Now, what’s your absolute favorite Royalty Free song? Put them in a comment below with links to where to get them. Preferably free (a.k.a no need to pay money, but credit the author etc. is fine) songs that works wonders with YouTube.

Now I’ll go to bed, happy and satisfied. Well, at least satisfied knowing all that “hard work” paid off. I’m pretty annoyed that the Odigo site (at least the Youtube channel & FB page) never gave a crap about answering me. Answering comments when you have a YouTube channel is like the most important thing after you’ve uploaded videos. It’s totally understandable if you got like a million subscribers and you don’t have time to answer all of them, but nobody got a reply on their comments to that video. That’s just baaaaaaaad… I hope I’ll get an email from them, but I’m not counting on anything.


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