WordPress.com is becoming too good…?!

But first of all – if this post gets shared to Facebook with the customized publicize message intact, I’d consider it a miracle! That’s why you have to click in order to read something more if worse comes to worse (if you’re seeing this on social media or on the blog feed at my blog). Read on to know more…

Ok, what shall we talk about first? How about the main issues, even though the title of this post says something about WP.com being too good…? There are a few things to mention in this post. The first one is that WordPress, specifically Publicize, that is the sharing option to social media has been having problems lately with the whole sharing part. At least for me, and I have no idea why. The problem is that posts either:

  • Don’t get shared at all to the specified Facebook page of choice
  • Gets shared, but ignores the customized publicize message and the custom excerpt (often by deleting it before my very eyes), spoiling the beginning of the post.
  • Gets shared normally and everything is fine…

To know when whatever of these three things will happen is the main issue. It started to become a problem when the Gutenberg editor first launched at WordPress.com, and for me it’s been getting worse as time moves on. It’s really annoying. I’ve talked with the support team on this and they have no clue what’s wrong. I have tried changing browsers, scheduling posts, remove or add a featured image of correct size, writing posts from the WP desktop app for Mac etc. I’ve also tried writing from a self-hosted WP site connected with jetpack and I’ve also tried writing with the old editor (wp.com before Gutenberg) and the super-old editor (self-hosted). Nothing seems to work or change the facts from those points stated above. When I tried to write posts scheduled from the self-hosted wp site, they were all shared to my FB page, but all had ignored the publicize message. When I tried the FB debugger later on it said that none of my posts had ever been shared on FB and that some FB app id was missing. It’s so weird, but I’m not the only one with this problem.

Apparently it’s been going on for years on and off for some users. Still I have no idea on what’s the issue behind this. I hope it will get fixed, because as you might know, my blogging is so important to me and if the sharing doesn’t work, then what’s the point? Not that so many read my blogs anyway, but still. I write as much for you as I do for me. On to the other thing then.

As I’ve been trying and testing solutions for this publicize issue, I’ve tried out some free services for WP that I’ve used for testing purposes. One is on Azure, but I’ve tried Gear Host as well, with very bad performance. GH is not made for WP, that’s for sure! At least not the total free plan… When I last tried to fix and test this issue with the posts not being shared thingy, I noticed something interesting.

First of all. Self hosted WP blogs are becoming less and less interesting to me. Why? Well, because everything I need my WP blogs to do have something to do either way with WordPress.com. Why is that? Well, it’s because of Jetpack and Publicize, mostly. I really only want to blog and do so whenever I feel like it. Preferably without paying too much and if I can have a good domain, it’s even better. WP.com does all I need these days, even though I do miss fiddling around with plugins and the like.

The problem I have with the sharing issue is also very apparent on the test blogs that are self-hosted. That means that moving to a web host again just for that is pointless. Still, I am having a personal issue where I’d like to use a web host again, just so I can use WP, Drupal, LimeSurvey and all the other applications I liked to play around with before and now, when I’m trying to become a developer, I’d like to do this in a better way, since I now know a lot more about developing than I did a year ago. If all goes my way I shall have a puzzle game in my portfolio within a few months and that game – if published on various platforms could use a good website. I have no real interest to pay for an expensive domain (or a plan) for a simple website, or just have a wordpress.com url for that purpose, even though I’d really like a website for my game.

My conclusion is, besides development of apps and games, that WordPress.com has become more than enough for my blogging needs I have in life.

Now I only want for Publicize to go back to normal, thanks!


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