Last week I went to the nearest Apple store in order to get help to remove my clear case from my iPhone Xr. I was not able to return it since I’ve had it for a month, so that means I’m gonna have to sell it to whomever wants it (In Sweden that is). Of course I forgot to bring one of the other older cases with me, so I used it without a case and wholy-moly! It’s that feeling I’ve been looking for. I got it without a case! Ok, it’s a little bit slippery now, but still – it feels amazing. I don’t know what to do now, though…

I mean, do I put a case on it anyway, or just my popsocket? Do I order a skin for it and use that? I cannot use a popsocket if I only use a skin, but a skin is only for beauty purposes or customization, not for protection. The phone looks so black and “boring” without any kind of case or custom skin, but any kind of case both protects it and makes it a tiny little bit wider and therefore more uncomfortable to hold. Without a case it is perfect, or at least I do feel so now. I did not feel it when I first bought it. Then it was just too big for too long but now when I think about it, the cases brings the bulk. Also I switched from an iPhone SE to an iPhone Xr. Huge difference in size just by that. I’m really at a loss here. What would you do if you were me?

Generally speaking I have never dropped any phone that I’ve owned so far that it’s cracked and is broken and I do love that the phone is more protected with a case on it. Like I’ve mentioned several times before in previous posts – I mainly use cases to have a customized phone. That is why I don’t want to buy any other case that’s out there. I want a case with a picture of my cat, my bf, my future dog, my family, my blogs and whatever else I can think of just because it’s actually possible. When I was an android user it was not. That was mainly due to me never wanting a Samsung for a phone. If I’d ever go back to android, their OneUI does seem a bit appealing but for as long as I am this current  sheep, I’ll be staying with apple products for as long as possible.

The other day I went to visit a friend and to feel safe, I put on one of my older cases with my pop socket on it and now I’m back to that meh feeling again. A pop socket is amazing and absolute needed – in some cases. Those are mostly when I’m on the go or lying in bed. The iPhone XR is heavy so using it in bed without anything is a bit of a challenge. However I can probably learn to get used to it. The other explanation for the meh feeling is due to my fingertips still hurting from when I tried to remove the clear case from my phone last week. It still hurts almost a week later! It’s so annoying! So what hurt? When I had to press the power button. Or any other button. With a case on it covering that button you have to press a bit harder to turn off or on the screen so that was a bit annoying too.

I’m still at a loss… Still, I’ve done some googling and found out that there are some companies out there that specializes in very thin cases. Peel is one most known for thin cases, but since their based in North America or something, it would only be a good idea to order from them if I was desperate for a thin case. Luckily a Scandinavian company exists as well called nudient, and a few days ago I placed an order for a 100% transparent case that 0.75 mm thin. It’s probably 1 mm thinner than all the other cases I’ve tried. If I’m not satisfied with it, I can return it within 30 days and get my money back. I will keep it if, and that’s a big if…

  • If the case feels like a naked iPhone but with better grip.
  • The buttons are easily pressed without pain in my fingers.
  • If I can have a skin underneath for that customization purpose
  • If I can use a popsocket on it when I feel I want one.
  • If it’s easily replaceable and/or removable.
  • If it protects against falls.
An image from that shows what an iPhone Xs looks like with their transparent case on it. It looks freaking naked!

If any of these points fails to please me, I’ll return it and then give up and either continue with what I did before, or perhaps just use my phone naked without a case, but maybe with a popsocket. If I’d known that I’d feel this way one day with this phone, I’d most likely would have bought the Xr in another color, to at least be a little more different from all the other phones and people out there. Still, I’m not 100% satisfied with all the available colors, and especially not for the iPhone 11 if I were stupid enough to upgrade anyway. If I were to upgrade to the latest models I’d probably go for the purple or green color, but I have no idea. It feels like the color is the hardest option if I’d were to change phones sooner rather than later. Even if something were to happen to my iPhone Xr and I had to get a replacement and I’d be able to switch color, I have no idea what color I’d get.

The red does look amazing, and it donates a few dollars to an Aids foundation, which is awesome, but I hate the color red. It reminds me of having periods or something. I’ve never liked the color red, but the color Red on the iPhone sure does look awesome and it’s for a good cause.

The conclusion at least of this post is that I do not really need a smaller or bigger phone the next time I feel like upgrading. Actually, to be honest – I do hope that Apple will keep this model like the Xr and the 11 for a many years. I’d probably be pretty pissed off if the rumors for next years iPhones are true, which say that the “pro” models would come in 5.4″ and 6.7″ screens, because I do not want to choose between tiny and monster when it comes to iPhone sizes. The rumors do however say that there will be another 6.1″ and I do hope they’ll continue this trend for years to come. I don’t care about 5G either, which seems to be the biggest change so far. Also I hope they keep the notch, at least for the 11/Xr based future models. I do not want a cut out hole or a pop-up camera. Another camera is like all I need, at least when I get my first Great Dane so I can take portrait mode photos of him. But I’d also love to take a gazillion portrait mode like photos of my cat as well.

Oh, well. Time will tell what this case adventure will lead to. I just hope it ends up with me being satisfied and having a secure, good looking phone in the process.

Published by Anna-Maria "Aimee" Eriksson

Galen i Grand Danois och numera även katter (Ragdoll). Singel med flit, och bor nära Malmö med mina husdjur. Jag vill bli full-stack utvecklare inom webb. Crazy about Great Danes and Ragdoll cats. Single on purpose and I live close to Malmö with my pets. I want to be a full-stack web developer.

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