I’m in love with the iPhone SE!

Besides the tiny battery, a smaller phone is great to have in so many other ways… I’m surprised how much I like this device!


Vertical Videos are the worst🙄🤦🏻‍♀️, but IGTV might be the solution…

It’s easier to hold your phone in portrait mode, and I get why people record that way. Still it’s such a horrible way to watch videos. There’s several solutions for this problem as well and I’m just asking nicely to stop recording videos in a very unnatural way…

My thoughts about Android… (as a new iPhone user)

I love Android for what it is, but my days of gladly using it are over. With what I’ve come to know and interpret about Google and Android, I cannot handle the privacy concerns I have, so that’s why I’ve switched!

Guess what?! It did end with an iPhone!!!

I have been wanting to get an iPhone for so long and I got it in a way I did not think was possible. My boyfriend bought an iPhone SE as a gift for passing math and I’m in Apple heaven as of now… I love it!

Desperate thoughts requires a great payment plan?

I might have found a way to afford buying an iPhone after all… This after months of obsessing with switching to the dark side. But all I really want is reliable technology and my privacy and data kept safe!

Some thoughts about Facebook, Google and privacy. And Apple?

Can you trust Google and Facebook these days with your data? No matter what they say? Are Apple products a solution to the privacy issues we all share? Well, I’d like to know the answer to all of this. Don’t you?

Great… The YouTube shooter is a female vegan. Now what?

Nasim Aghdam, a female vegan rights activist was confirmed as the “YouTube shooter”. What is my personal response and what do I think of the Facebook scandal? Read more to find out.