I’m on Tumblr… and my YouTube channel got a proper URL, if anybody cares?

Some news about ze blog, YouTube and Tumblr.


How hard can it be to find a royalty free song without any help?

I learned today (again) to never give up if you truly want something and today I found another thing that will help me through my life and making it better. It’s a song called “Spread your wings” by a group called Stereobird and it’s a Royalty Free song I’ll start using in my upcoming YouTube videos. Please read this post to learn more about how I found it.

Status Update | may 16th 2016

Annoying. The first post on this blog never got shared to either G+ or Facebook. Maybe to Twitter, but I’m not sure.  Haven’t checked. Had to share it manually. Oh, well. I’m used to fuck-ups and screw-ups when it comes to social media. And Google created Spaces today. That’s probably gonna turn to shit in […]

I’ve started blogging in English. Again. Welcome!

I’m blogging in English again! Here’s my first post. This is a low-priority blog, but a necessary tool for when I don’t have time or the resources to do a great vlog about something. Please read and follow it anyways. I’m hoping it’ll be hilarious – with a twist!