I’ve been a Computer Science student for over a month now…

Been at college for like a month and it’s a lot of fun, but I keep struggling to remember, and fighting an aching body daily. It gets better, but it’s still annoying to not be as healthy as I want to be.


My mind is blown yet again…

I was hoping to have my own MacBook for school and I have been stalking the Apple store, figuring out solutions on how to get one, and I did not have to buy one after all. I’m so lucky with the best boyfriend in the world!!!

Guess what?! It did end with an iPhone!!!

I have been wanting to get an iPhone for so long and I got it in a way I did not think was possible. My boyfriend bought an iPhone SE as a gift for passing math and I’m in Apple heaven as of now… I love it!

Great… The YouTube shooter is a female vegan. Now what?

Nasim Aghdam, a female vegan rights activist was confirmed as the “YouTube shooter”. What is my personal response and what do I think of the Facebook scandal? Read more to find out.