It’s time to start thinking about that first summer job…

I’m starting to plan what I’m gonna do this summer. Hopefully working, but if not I have a great backup plan!


Yes, the iPhone Xr can take portrait lighting photos of your cat!

And how do I know this? Because I was “silly” and went out and bought one. Yes. I could not hold out any longer and I just hade to let the crave of a new phone win. I still am half unsure if I made the right choice, but the phone is amazing and all […]

Let’s talk iPhone prices!

The iPhone Xr is bigger, cheaper and has no portrait lighting effects with the rear camera, unlike the iPhone Xs. If I get a new phone – it must be a phone that lasts for years, because I am sick of this feeling of always wanting something new!

I played around with the new iPhones today…

I’m so sick and tired of myself and these Apple obsessions that never ever stops! I’m still obsessing about a new phone, but this time for good enough reasons at least!

I seriously hope 2019 will be a year of sustainable change!

It’s been way too long since I blogged here, but like you readers should know, I’ve been way too busy with school during the fall and rarely had the energy left to write about it. School has worked out like I imagined it would. I’ve gotten some friends and I’ve struggled with my fibromyalgia and […]

So relieved, yet so bored…

I might never be a huge content creator or a great YouTuber. I might however be great at programming, but no matter what I’m so happy I’ve found people online to help me improve and keep being inspired these days…

Suddenly my current favorite song has a completely different meaning…

I watched an old video of mine and still consider it to be a masterpiece. I wonder if I’ll ever be “that good” again or if the ship has sailed?

A clarification on what I hope my future will look like.

I do not sit here wishing I’ll become a full-time blogger or YouTuber. No sir! However, I do have a dream and a vision of what I’d like to create when it will be possible in the future.