Google I/O 2018 made me creeped out as hell! 😱

Yet again I’ve watched a boring, uninteresting Google I/O that focuses on scary shit instead of useful stuff that made me fan of Google back in the day…


Some thoughts about Facebook, Google and privacy. And Apple?

Can you trust Google and Facebook these days with your data? No matter what they say? Are Apple products a solution to the privacy issues we all share? Well, I’d like to know the answer to all of this. Don’t you?

A Lenovo P2 to the rescue?

I’ve been going crazy with Apple products lately and I was prepared to switch over to the dark side. But then I got “rescued” and I got to try out another Android phone, and now I really know why I want to stay with Android for as long as possible.

The Blackberry KeyOne makes me want an iPhone. Seriously.

I’m turning into an Apple iSheep. Please help me before it’s to late and I get an iPhone 8 plus that I probably won’t need. Still I have a Blackberry Keyone that sucks balls, so that’s why my mind has been wondering over to the dark side for a while…