Make up your mind, would ya?

From not existing, to being a part of a self-hosted WordPress installation, and later being moved to yet another url, this blog has now a better suited url at I hope that doesn’t piss you off!


This blog is now at

Yet again, i have started over. i had to leave my web host and now I plan on staying forever at I just hope it will work!

Sometimes I just feel really, frickin’ stupid… 💩

It’s really not easy when you’re struggling with your feelings and not knowing how code actually works, but you don’t have the strength to do something useful about it… So you instead keep repeating the stuff you do think you know…

Throwback Thursday on a Monday…

I decided to do a #throwbackthursday on a Monday and revisit all the posts I’ve written this past year, since I got some new information on basically all of them.

I really do not recommend DirectAdmin as a control panel

Oh, the horror you get if you choose the wrong web host for your WordPress installs and other applications. SSL support on subdomains should always be a given, but with some, that’s not always a guarantee…

Status Update | may 16th 2016

Annoying. The first post on this blog never got shared to either G+ or Facebook. Maybe to Twitter, but I’m not sure.  Haven’t checked. Had to share it manually. Oh, well. I’m used to fuck-ups and screw-ups when it comes to social media. And Google created Spaces today. That’s probably gonna turn to shit in […]